Your footballs, custom-designed

Balldesigner Fußball

Balldesigner – high quality products, technical innovation and creativity in the form of a football.

Our partners

Long-standing companies, the best at their craft.

Many of our products are produced and realized in association with “Heidelberg Druckmaschinen AG”. Furthermore we are proud to call ourselves official friends of the “Bayerischer Fußballverband” (Bavarian football association)


Intuitive usability breeds creativity

Whether you want to join your favorited team using the single panel mode, or replicate your local team in our multi panel mode, or wrap a whole panorama picture around a football. We help you to convey your design, your vision, your passion.

Balldesigner Ball-Konfigurator

Our Footballs

Highest quality, fair conditions

Our footballs are exclusively manufactured under fair working conditions. Fair play on and off the pitch, so to speak. After production our footballs are put through strenuous testing in order to assure that your football will look just like on the first day after the thousandth free kick.